Nagios Knowledge Base

Starting with Nagios it is hard to get an overview about all the ways Nagios can be used and extended. This collection about Nagios facts is meant to give new and also experienced users some information about the complex world around Nagios.

Nagios Knowledge base

  1. Remote Status Gathering
    1. SNMP
    2. SSH
  2. Configuration Addons
    1. NagiosQL
    2. NConf
  3. Nagios Frontends
    1. Default: Nagios statusmap
    2. Check_MK Multisite
    3. Thruk
    4. Ninja
  4. Nagios Visualization Addons
    1. NagVis
    2. NagStaMon
    3. NagiosChecker
  5. Nagios Forks

I hope these information help you digging into the world of Nagios. Maybe you find some missing information or like to discuss about arguable notes? Or do you miss some topic? Please let me know!

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